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Coffee and the ph scale.

Posted in coffee, Health/Nutrition, Recommendations by nicolejanaye on January 25, 2012

Do you ever wonder why coffee is eliminated from the diet during a cleanse? I’m sure most of you have seen advertisements in health magazines that suggest and/or encourage drinking coffee to help aid weight loss and to boost your energy levels. I’m not arguing against this, but you should be curious as to what harm coffee can do and the negative effects it has on your body.

Our bodies are constantly sucking in toxins from the earth. Whether it’s from the polluted air, chemically enhanced ‘food’ or drugs, our bodies are in contact with toxins on an everyday basis. As you can imagine, having these toxins inside our bodies isn’t the most natural or organic way of living. You’re curious why you always get sick? Well, when our cells have to fight off toxins there are less to help repair, re-build and work on the immune system. The main detoxifying organs in the body are the liver and kidneys.

“I would rather be a good liver, than have a good liver.” Well, that’s only going to get you so far. Let me tell you in the most non-prudish way that pumping down jäger shots and guzzling the booze doesn’t technically make you a good liver. Being in touch with nature, exploring the outdoors, and traveling the world sounds like being a good liver to me. This isn’t to say that drinking doesn’t make you one, but using that line as your constant defense mechanism seems like a pretty good excuse.

Back to coffee. Not only does caffeine stimulate the central nervous system, but it is extremely acidic on the body. Our bodies naturally want to perform in an alkaline (basic) state. The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance is. The pH ranges from 0-14 with 0-7 being acidic and 8-14 being basic. (7 is neutral). Cancer cannot live in an alkaline state. When we consume food that is acidic, our bodies have to strip minerals from our bones and other organs in order to balance out the acidity. As hypocritical as it seems, milk is extremely mucus forming and acidic on the body. Yes it contains a high level of calcium, but when it’s consumed our bodies have to strip minerals from our bones in order to balance out the acidity. So when you drink milk, you technically are leaching calcium from your bones. Think about that one.

Since our bodies are naturally in an alkaline state, when we consume acidic food, it throws off the pH system. This is extremely dangerous in that moving our bodies from one level on the pH system to one more acidic can cause serious damage. When an individuals body is mostly acidic, they have a higher chance of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Our internal organs, metabolism, and immunity all work much better in an alkaline environment.

I understand that some people don’t have the opportunity to get much sleep, or have so much on their hands that nothing but a cup of coffee sounds good. If you have the chance, try switching coffee with fresh squeezed orange juice. The vitamins will stimulate your body and the natural sugar from the oranges will provide you with energy. Try making a green smoothie or fresh vegetable juice. I like mixing kale, spinach, and celery with green apples and pineapple. But if your craving for coffee can’t be submissed, try making a cold pressed coffee. It is less acidic. You can use a Toddy Maker or a french press.

When the day is too cozy, the rain is pounding hard against the rooftop, and you’re snuggled on the couch, go ahead and have a cup of coffee. For me, it’s a treat. I drink it when the conditions are too perfect not to. I’m not going to give up everything in my life just because it isn’t the healthiest thing to do. You have to balance out your life the same way your body needs to balance its pH system. You want to keep it on the healthier side, but allow yourself those indulgences every once in a while.

When I do drink coffee, it’s either a french press with cinnamon and almond milk or it’s blended. The magic bullet is the perfect tool to make a single serving, blended coffee drink.


  • 1-2 shots of espresso
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup ice
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tsp flax seed
  • 1 tsp chia seed
  • 1 tsp shredded coconut*
  • 1/2 tsp cacao powder
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon

*If you don’t care for coconut, you can use another sweetener like agave nectar, honey, or stevia.

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  1. Heidi Leon Monges (@heidileon) said, on July 9, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Very interesting information Nicole. I will definitely try your blended coffee drink. 🙂

    • muddyfootsteps said, on November 14, 2012 at 9:32 pm

      Thanks Heidi! Balance is good, but I do love some espresso blended into my drinks from time to time 🙂

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