muddy footsteps

Breakfast in Italy

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on January 22, 2012

I love the rain.

Truly, I do. I think it’s because I live in Southern California and rain is not the most common type of weather we get. When it comes, I think it should be enjoyed. The salty taste of the clear drops that splash on the tip of your tongue, the earthy aroma of a french press steeping on the kitchen counter, the soft, white blanket your grandmother made for you when you were a child; these couple fittingly with wet weather.

My agenda for the day is casual, but active. I set up some cold pressed coffee to await my arrival in a few hours. I mindlessly replayed music in my bedroom while enjoying this slow start to my day. Soon I’m going to lace up my boots and head for the trails. A hike sounds like the perfect way to spend the day outside.

Hiking in the rain brings me back to some memories when I lived in Santa Barbara. I was part of the adventure program at the University. We took backpacking trips, belayed 100-foot waterfalls, canoed the Colorado river, learned how to properly flip in a kayak, and constantly explored the outdoors. One weekend we set off for the mountains. We hiked through the muddy trails, in between the open fields and jumped through creeks. We set up camp late in the night and cooked up some incredible meals. The outdoors, and especially the forest, makes me feel calm and completely peaceful. Most would qualify sunsets as breathtaking and one of the beautiful landscapes put out on this earth. To me, the forest is what does it for me. Especially in the rain.

It rained for a few days while I was staying in Italy over the summer. It was peaceful and perfect timing with our arrival off an eighteen hour flight from California. We were exhausted from the continuous flights and airports. Listening to the rain, reading a book and sitting down with some fresh espresso fit the bill quite nicely. It was the start to a great day.


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