muddy footsteps


Posted in Breakfast, coffee, exercise, Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on October 30, 2011

Currently the kitchen table is flooded with an assortment of things I’ve stacked on. Multiple water glasses, cup of rooibos tea, a sheet of paper with a few new recipes, a vase full of red roses, a handful of colorful highlighters and my computer.

This morning seemed to follow in the footsteps of my previous morning; good  vibes, delicious food, and friendly conversations. My best friend, Jaclyn, came into town today and headed to my place. We talked, laughed, ate some homemade pizza and discussed our plans for the summer. A road trip is in order and we couldn’t be anymore excited. We began working out some details, but decided to save a majority of the planning for winter vacation. We are still in school right now and that needs to be the focus. Once winter break hits, it’s time  for fun and time for planning.

I woke up this morning, laced up my shoes, and headed out the door for a 3.5 mile run. An hour later I sat in the kitchen, showered and began digging into a fresh grapefruit.  I’ve found myself in a grapefruit craze, trying varieties from all over the city. I’ve tasted ones that I picked right off the tree, I’ve tried ones fresh from the farmers market, ate them from Henry’s grocery store, and sampled from other local growers. They all seem to have a unique flavor in themselves. Some are plump and juicy. Those that are, spray a rainstorm of fruit juice on the countertops. Some are dense, making it difficult to puncture in, even if you are using a serrated spoon. Some are just so perfect that you must go back for seconds.

Music plays on and the sun keeps migrating.  I’ve been drowning myself in tea and water. I ate a small slice of homemade vegetable pizza. The herbs were from the garden, the sauce- homemade, and the pizza cooked with a thin crust. I spent time in Italy this summer and I know when I taste a good pizza. The crust must be thin, the flavors standing strong, the ingredients minimal, and it all must be fresh. A plate and napkin are optional. A hand can do the trick. It’s even okay if some of the sauce drips off the pizza and slides down your hand. Food doesn’t always have to be proper, eaten delicately and wiped up with a crisp, white napkin. Just enjoy it.

The clock ticked and lunch seemed to crawl right on by. I seemed to be too lazy to make a salad, not interested in anything warm or cooked, and had a craving for cucumbers. A sandwich solved the problem. Rich sourdough bread, homemade sun-dried tomatoes, pungent mustard, peeled cucumbers, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and a light spread of tofutti completed my sandwich. Nothing too fancy, but just right.

You know those peaceful days where your house is shaded by the large oak trees. Where the wood floors in the living room bring a sense of comfort. When the soundtrack to your day is Bon Iver and artists with similar voices. Where a gentle smoke is rising from a warm, earthy tea steeping in a blue mug. When even though you’ve already ran, showered, and started your day, you end up back in pajamas. When your conversations are nothing but good thoughts, future plans and filling each others lives with hope. When the food is good, homemade and healthy. Today was like this..and I couldn’t be happier.








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