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The best time spent

Posted in Breakfast, coffee, Environment, Farmers Market, Thoughts by nicolejanaye on October 29, 2011

Saturdays have to  be my absolute favorite day of the week. I wish for nothing more than waking up early to a warm cup of coffee, ladled with a small serving of almond milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Whether I’m sipping my joe while listening to music, catching up on television episodes, reading the paper, or keeping up to date on my favorite blogs, it’s always an enjoyable time. Breakfast usually follows with a grapefruit split in half and savored slowly with a serrated spoon. A handful of raw almonds find their way into my mouth to hold me over while I make the main course for breakfast. I tend to create a new recipe, eat it everyday for a week, and then move on to another. Last week it was oatmeal, the previous week it was green smoothies and now I’m on to tofu spinach scrambles.

These big daddies are loaded with protein, fiber, an assortment of vitamins and packed with flavor. I’m hooked on nutritional yeast at the moment, so I’ve been adding it to possibly everything. It gives your dish a cheesy/nutty flavor. Who wouldn’t want that, especially if you are vegan and miss your cheese? Plus, many brands fortify it with B12 nowadays so you get an extra bonus.

Today has been such a wonderful day. It’s only 3:20pm. There is still so much left. I met my dad and friend at the farmers market earlier this morning. My town’s farmers market is getting bigger and better as the weeks go on. We did a few laps around the market to find the best prices for what we wanted. Earlier in the week, we did a lot of bulk vegetable/fruit shopping so there wasn’t too much for us to get today. I grabbed a few grapefruits. Not that I don’t have a giant container of them at my house already, but I can always use more! We tried samples, bought bee pollen, rubbed avocado oil on our hands, listened to live music, and then met up with my mom and step-dad. We all met at the cheese shop, and sat outside enjoying fine wine, aged cheeses, olives and a variety of fruits. I opted out for the cheese, but I must admit it did look good. My next recipe experiment is working on quality nut cheeses. But that’s for another day.

The five of us sat outside on the patio with this wonderful spread of ingredients just enjoying each others company. My mom and dad might never realize this, but for me , it’s so wonderful to spend time with both of them together. Today I had a wonderful afternoon with them. My mom even brought me a green smoothie over from the market.

After we all finished off the treats, we headed to the spice store to smell, taste, and check out the latest spices. This store is filled with such pleasant teas, salts, chocolate, spices, grains and everything you could possibly want to fill your kitchen. After navigating through the spice store we headed our separate ways. ‘Goodbyes’, ‘Thank-you’s, and ‘Have a good day’ were exchanged.

Unil next Saturday.


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