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Persuading Weather

Posted in coffee, Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on August 7, 2011

I’m extremely happy and fortunate to live in sunny San Diego. The weather is beautifully contagious year round and the outdoor activities are endless. Other than trekking my way around the world, I don’t think I would be any bit happier living in sun-filled areas like these.

I do have a deep yearning to make my way over to Colorado and do some backpacking through those areas. I would love to see more of the neighborhood friendly, outdoorsy, and communal parts of the states. The next break I have from school and work, if that comes, I plan to explore more of my American territory. One of the factors of my future living situations is in a warm and sunny climate the majority of the year. I’ve been blessed living in southern california where exposing my bare feet on a daily basis and strutting the streets with a tank top and jeans is anything but rare. I love the snow and the cold but I momentarily don’t have the desire to live through it year round.

I think it’s because my accustomed climate is so sunny and wonderful that I can appreciate the days that are not. The days where the clouds roll in hanging deep above your window. The days where the slightest bit of rain floods the floors of the earth. The days where nothing  but sipping bold espresso and settling into a comforting book sounds better.

Today is one of those days. I’m on round 3 or 4 of coffee, while managing to gulp down gallons of water to help detox my body. I’ve been fiddling with my camera today, mixing with different settings and experimenting with different shots. I’ve tasted gelato by the spoonful and sneaked sea salt into the mixture. I’ve stayed in my pajamas the entire day and am completely content with it.

Sofia and Jake are lying low today as well. She is currently in the kitchen with painting supplies spread out across the kitchen table. Jake is on Matrix 2 of his movie marathon with his feet propped up and McDonalds by his side. I hop back and forth between devouring one of David Sedaris’s latest novels and fingering my way on the keyboard keeping my eyes and mind completely entertained.

I enjoy these days. I take pleasure in the rarity that they come and acknowledge that it’s okay to hang low and be lazy. It’s okay to stay in pajamas all day. Well, that’s what I keep reminding myself. Tomorrow’s forecast is sunny and warm. Our agendas are minutely planned with hopping on a bus and traveling to a local town. Renting bikes and pedaling throughout the city is as far as we got. Well, and gelato will find its way into the day.

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