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Pisa, Italy

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on August 1, 2011

If you were to give a day an oxymoron, I think today could be that day. We began the day earlier than normal by sipping espresso and nibbling croissants. We walked to the city center of Florence and waited for our bike tour to begin. If you’re expecting a romantic leisure peddle through Italy, try hitching a ride to Venice. Half the adventure on the bike ride was dodging speed racers and nuns on the street. Though it was a wonderful way to see the city and give our feet a rest. Plus, complimentary gelato was included so who couldn’t say no to that. Jake and I have kept up with our goal of gelato everyday while we are here. The three of us had: fondente, ricotta di pera, after eight, cafe, stracciatella and more fondente. Before judgement, that was split between three people in very small cups. However we got more gelato for dessert tonight. You can judge that! After the bike tour we headed to the train station to pick up some tickets for a quick day trip to Pisa. Sofia and I have never been there so it was really exciting to fit it in. We took many fun and funky photos against the tower. Once I get to a computer I will post the photos. We had lunch right next to the tower then lounged for a little before heading back. A quick trip back on the train and we were back in Florence. Rest, shower and back to the center we went. We found a nice restaurant on the other side of the Ponte Vacchio and dined. Bruschetta for a starter, followed by vegetable stew for Sofia and I and Jake opted for the carpaccio. All was wonderful but needed gelato to finish off our hungry bellies. Another stop at the gelateria and then a relaxing walk home. Our feet are tired, our bags packed, bellies full and excitement brewing for our next adventure in Cinque Terre the next few days! Also, shoot out to my amazing sister Dani on her birthday! Love you Dani Boo!





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