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fruit and choccolato fondente

Posted in Breakfast, Location, lunch by nicolejanaye on July 30, 2011

I noticed this the first time I came to Europe; the use of utensils and plates for fruit. Instead of shoveling our faces with fruit and having the sugary liquids run down our chins, Europeans use simple forks and knives. Clever idea, huh? Except for the fact that fruit is such a perfect on- the-go snack. Swoop a banana into your purse for later devouring or carry a cherry red apple in your bag for when you are parched. Either way, knife or fork or nude hands, fruit is just plainly delicious.

So far Jake and I have kept up with our gelato goal. Todays choice was choccolato fondente, meaning dark chocolate in italian. Besides traditional gelato being more creamy than its international relative, ice cream, this fondente was so thick and creamy you might need a glass of milk to follow it down. It was wonderful and possibly one of my favorites so far out of the bunch that we have tried. I still am looking for tiramisù. It is on our Italian check list.


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