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Day 2-3 in Turin, Italy

Posted in Food & Recipes, Location by nicolejanaye on July 29, 2011


So either I come back to the States having to buy a larger size of pants or I miss out daily on the incredible food this wonderful country has to offer. Let us say it is safe to say that my cousin and I have a goal of trying a new gelato everyday we are in Italy. New jeans, here I come.

We have seen a lot of Turin in the last two days. We went out last night for dinner. You pay 9 euros and you get an Italian buffet and a drink of your choice. I tried a frozen strawberry daiquiri. The overload of sugar hid the vodka well. Sofia introduced us to her circus friends. You might laugh but these people are incredible. They do stunts on the silks hanging from the ceilings of huge facilities. We all ate dinner together and then walked downtown to some local bars. We went to a rum bar that just specifies in all types of rum. We tried the honey rum which was sweet with a little kick.

Today we went to the Mercato della Crocetta that sells everything from clothes, to hair supplies and tons of fresh fruit. We stopped by Delper which provides high quality pastries. We picked up farinate and pizzette. Pizzette are little pizza bites made on pastry dough with sauce and a small piece of cheese. They are absolutely delicious and so much better than our bagel bites in America.

I have been trying to take pictures of most of the food we are consuming here. All of the gelato has been photographed. They are just waiting to be uploaded and described. The flavor combinations are amazing and just as good as you hear of in the states.

I think I have adjusted just well to the time change. I took a two-hour nap yesterday and a short one today. I assumed I would be throwing back shots of espresso but I have managed to keep my eyes open quite well. Turin is a beautiful city filled with wonderful architecture, long rivers, lush parks and delicious food. I’m trying to put all of my traditional food rules aside and try as much as I can while I am here. Tomorrow we are going to the station to buy our train tickets to Florence and Milan.

Tonight we ate at Eataly. The best way I can describe this place is an italian version of Whole Foods with restaurants attached. There are specific restaurants that serve vegetarian, meat and cheese, pizza and pasta, and seafood as well. The majority of people go to the pizza and pasta because as a group it provides the most variety for everyone. The dishes were very fresh and you can taste the quality of the food.


Gelato consumed so far: crema di cacoa, caramello al sale, crema di grom, limone, bacio, gianduja, choccolato and amaretto. This is not all mine, by the way! It is shared between us. I will write a post dedicated just to gelato! What flavor should we try tomorrow?

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