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Day 1 in Turin, Italy

Posted in Location by nicolejanaye on July 27, 2011

Yes, you read it right. I am in Italy. The land of the pizzas and the home of the sexy men. Oh..or something like that. The first plane flight was LA to Rome and Rome to Turin. 12 hours plus a 2 hour flight and now we are here. Surprisingly the flight was not as bad as I assumed. When I came to Spain last year, it was much more dreadful of a flight then it was this turn around. It could have been because I have company with me or because I had an entire row completely to myself. This meant spreading my entire body across the seats to provide me with a temporary bed. Not that there was much sleeping going on but it was much more comfortable than the packed sardines we tend to be on economy. I watched Gangs of New York and The Princess and the Frog. Quite a combination of films I must add. I ended up drifting into dream land at the last 3 hours of the ride. My cousin woke me up just in time for breakfast to be served and the landing to begin. I absolutely adore traveling and could not get enough of it but I dread the flying aspect. It scares me and I do not feel safe in the air. I have traveled to Europe a few times and this flight was filled with the most turbulence of all of them. Luckily laying down on the seats lessened the impact of the shakes but I still felt it. I was distracted during the landing and when we touched ground I just assumed it was another bump in the flight.

My cousin, Jake, and I are now in the city of Turin, Torino in Italian. It is stunning here with beautiful architecture, landscapes, and parks encompassing the city. We arrived here around 5pm, dropped off our bags and headed out for the city immediately. A cup or two of espresso was in order but we managed to peel our eyes open long enough to tour the city for a few hours. Dinner was pasta with tomato sauce and a simple, yet delicious salad. Surprisingly I was not that tired considering the lack of sleep I had. Jake needed some espresso just to make it through dinner. Sofia and I walked around the city for an hour or two after dinner. It was lovely seeing Turin at night and the atmosphere it has. Tomorrow will be a busy day and I will bring my camera with me. It was drizzling when we arrived so I left my camera at the house, but I was able to snap a few photos.

Until then. Ciao!

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