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It’s all a matter of time

Posted in Food & Recipes, Thoughts by nicolejanaye on June 2, 2011

Why is it that I’m constantly looking for change; never satisfied with where I’m at or what I’m doing? I abhor acting in a monotonous life. Maybe it’s this city life where I’m driving from place to place and working on the most minimum wage. Schlepping myself to the gym to work on cardio machines and lifting dumbbells while subconsciously hating every minute of being indoors. Why do I continue doing this to myself when I know this isn’t what truly makes me happy? Traveling makes me happy. Experiencing a completely foreign world while diving head first into a new culture brings the biggest grin to my face. Walking through cobblestone streets of rustic towns while amidst the faces of pure newcomers brings joy to my life. Healthy living makes me happy. To feel good from the inside starts by what you put inside your body. I feel at my best when I nourish my body with the most beneficial, nutrient dense, clean food. I feel the greatest joy in creating meals to share with friends and family. I find joy in staying active and pushing my body to new limits. My family makes me happy. Family and the love that can be shared between them is absolutely remarkable. In the last 5 years I have grown with my family in ways I didn’t think were possible. I enjoy all the moments I spend with them and I cherish the opportunities that I get that some are unfortunate to miss. Nature makes me happy.  I love flowers and the pure pleasure that they can bring. I love the outdoors; the forest, the earthy trees, the fields of grass blowing in the wind, the rushing creeks with fish pushing through the current, the sheer clouds that drift swiftly through the blue sky. I love it all.


However, sometimes you must do what’s best for the time being. I’m focused in school at the moment and am trying to take advantage of the living and educational opportunity I have here. But I do have plans for the immediate and distant future. A trip to Italy is in the near future. This bit of exploring might give me a couple more months of sanity and the drive to finish my education. Plans of heading towards San Francisco to further my degree or open doors to food, journalism, and/or photography are in consideration. It’s all a matter of time. And to enjoy the moments that I am here and make the best of it. 

Turning tables and coming back to the present brings me to the photographs in this post. A good friend and co-worker of mine is leaving for a road trip with her boyfriend. They are headed east to do some exploring and stopping at Bonnaroo for one of the main points of their travels. After the trip, the two of them are headed to San Francisco to reside for a couple of years. They are both going to school there and ready to try out a new place. I had them over the other night for dinner and drinks. We made Sangria and tilapia tacos. We sipped and munched out on the deck while watching the sunset. We aided our full belly’s by taking the pups on a walk through the neighborhood. It was a joyful evening reminding me why I love to cook and share these things with other people.


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