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Delicately Meaty

Posted in Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on May 30, 2011

The summer has crept its way into the year. The weather remains to be surprising yet it provides a variety of adventures and emotions to take part in. Nor the drizzle of the cold, salty rain seeping from the sky or the moist glow rising from my skin from the warmth of the sun, salads will always be a good choice in any kind of weather condition. I’ve been collecting a variety of food from the local market to try to switch up my meals and become a little less monotonous. If you follow me on twitter, you can visualize all the food updates I do, however, some of the salads are looking too similar for my liking. As much as I can crave the same foods day in and day out, photographing them can be a little boresome. This salad has a robust flavor from the earthy asparagus that has been lightly misted with olive oil and grilled for a delectable crust.  A warm bath of garlic and shallots have been sweating to create a base for two lovely cracked eggs. These have been placed amongst a bed of spring lettuce and drizzled with a balsamic garlic vinaigrette. This was delicious. However, I struck for round 2 of this meal today and was able to make it better. I took medium-sized mushroom caps and pulled the stems out. I combined salt, pepper, a garlic vinaigrette with a spicy spoonful of mustard. This combination was bright, tangy, and absolutely satisfying. I dropped the mushrooms in the mixture and let them marinade for 20 minutes. After removing them from the mixture, I placed them on a sizzling grill pan ready to glisten in their oils and form a most mouth-watering crust on the edge of their tops. I then placed these meaty flavorful mushrooms on top, ready to give into the salad and give up to my fork. It was a beautiful combination and a perfect balance of flavors. 


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