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Breakfast in bed

Posted in Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on January 18, 2011

To tell you that I’m lounging in my satin white sheets, fire-place roasting my chilled toes, sex and the city playing on re-wind, and casually sipping the day away with lemon water and an occasional green smoothie; well..I would be lying.

It’s time to pull my head out of my ass passport and put it back in the books. Travel, fun, all hopes and dreams are over and school is back in session. Okay, maybe not all hope and dreams, and I might have a little bit of fun, but no international tickets will be stuffed in my wallet anytime soon. I’m back at school and like a good student, I’m an hour early.

Since we are in the lying, conniving mood, I will tell you all what I had for my delicious, relaxed, breakfast this morning.

Creamy, succulent soy yogurt laying on a bed of ice-cold, plump blueberries. Sweet, ripened bananas coat the next level in order to support another round of devilish goodies. A thick portion of chia seeds pave the way for crunchy walnuts and sweet cranberries.

To be honest, I had this yesterday for breakfast. Today I stuffed a banana down my throat while getting ready, barely managed to fit an apple between my post-wisdom operated teeth, and shoveled a greek style wrap between my chompers this morning. Alright, it wasn’t that hectic but definitely not breakfast in bed. The wrap was stuffed with pesto, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepperoncini, baked tofu and lots of spinach.

Well, I guess I should start reading the syllabus and massaging my hands; soon to be so severely tortured. Tata for now.


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