muddy footsteps

Fill your life with beautiful people, inside and out

Posted in Photography by nicolejanaye on December 21, 2010

We need to slow down a bit more, love deeper, and open our eyes to this marvelous world.


We get so caught up in our daily actions that we forget about the beautiful life this world has to offer. Leave the television for a week and try something different. Buy a leatherback at your local book store and begin doodling in it. Walk to your nearest park and let your mind take its’ course. Turn on some beautiful music. Leash up your forgotten dog and give him a chance to run free. Go online to buy tickets to your favorite band and check out their concert. Make life a bit more interesting. Would you be satisfied if you died in a month? Harsh it may sound, but the people who are most afraid of dying, haven’t lived much.

Start living.


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