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buttery garlic spread

Posted in Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on October 26, 2010

Picture this: A cozy, petite cabin hidden away in the middle of  an evergreen forest on a misty early morning. You are bundled in your warmest seasonal pajamas with a cup of spiced cider. The pine trees outside have collected drips of water on the needles, slowly gliding from one branch to the other, eventually crashing on the earthy, muddy floor. The cloud white down comforter is keeping you pleasantly warm, while the open window next to your bed side table provides a gentle, chilling mist to your face.

I can imagine slowly crawling out of bed and creeping into the kitchen in search of something to warm my stomach. Sugar and sweets don’t really appeal to me on this misty, cold morning. Something savory with a gentle blast of flavor seems about right.

Well in that case, give this a try. Spoon out a few cloves of roasted garlic on a piece of toasted bread; multi-grain, squaw or sourdough work well. This recipe transforms the pungent flavor of raw garlic into a mouth-watering, buttery spread.


  • garlic
  • olive oil (a good quality extra virgin)
  • cake pan


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Fill a cake pan with however much garlic you want. Add the olive oil and fill it up until it almost covers the top of the garlic. Costco or other major super markets sell tubs of  garlic cloves for fairly cheap.
  3. Cook the garlic for about an hour or until they begin to turn caramel brown.

You can store your garlic in a mason jar with the flavorful oil keeping it moist and fresh. The time spent in the oven makes the garlic one step away from falling apart. You can place a couple of those bad boys on a piece of bread and grab a knife to spread it out. Not in the mood for garlic toast? Throw a handful into your favorite soup, add a side with your roasted vegetables, or toss inside a breakfast scramble. The options are endless.

What dish would you add this buttery garlic to?

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