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love at first bite

Posted in Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on September 26, 2010

You know I’m normally someone good with change but my food is a different story. I tend to stick to solid flavors that always keep me satisfied. I change up plenty but when I find a sandwich, salad, or tofu dish that I love, I normally won’t stray.

Italy is where I stay and will remain; flavors that is. However, I would love to head back to Italy again and spend a good amount of time exploring everything it has to offer.

A short trip to my dads house leads me to a full belly as well as a full tank of gas!

This was his italian inspired panini, stuffed with 3 different types of meat, a layer of pickles and soaked in provolone cheese.

My choice was a change from my traditional sprouts, tofu, health goodies sandwhich. Sometimes people need change, and boy was it worth it.

The sun dried tomatoes are a creation my dad and I came up with. They are so flavorful and the jar we can them in serves as 2 in 1. You get rich tasting, fresh sun dried tomatoes and the sweet olive oil they soak in. I’ve been back and forth to Henry’s to stock up on tomatoes. I’m preparing christmas gifts.


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