muddy footsteps

Retiro Park

Posted in Location, Recommendations by nicolejanaye on September 13, 2010

I’ve been to plenty of parks in my day and the Retiro park in the heart of Madrid, Spain has to be in the top 10. Its 320 acres are filled with things to entertain all types of people.

Whether you enjoy paddling through the lake or rollerblading as you pass street performers you will be happy you came. One of the major benefits of living in Spain or like many cities in Europe is the daylight hours. The sun doesn’t go down until nearly 10 at night. This means that after a long day at work or doing whatever it is you do, you still have plenty of hours to enjoy the daylight. Summer time in Madrid is hot, very hot. I would go running through the Retiro every night at about 9pm. I’d finish my run with an hour or two of calming yoga and still have plenty of time to go home for dinner, get ready and hit the clubs.


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