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Circus De Ole

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on August 16, 2010

I apologize in advance for the over abundance of photos.

Every city in Spain has a week throughout the year that is devoted only to fiesta. All day and all night for a week. It just so happened, that the last night in San Sebastian was the beginning of their fiesta week.

The day started off with a solo espresso and treats from the local bar with my favorite boy cousin who lives in southern california.

After experiencing my two years of Starbucks and drinking espresso in Europe, I’ve come to the conclucion that mass quantities of milk made coffee beverages are absolutely repulsive. Sorry for those of you that order a venti white mocha with whip, but let me hold back my gagging.

The last night in San Sebastian was composed of a circus near the border of spain, and a lit up skylight of fireworks. I can’t remember ever going to a circus before, but I  know what goes on there. Some of the talent was pretty impresive. However, this circus was quite the experience. I’ll let the pictures explain the story.


Some of the women performers were beautiful and very talented but being haunted by huge cartoon characters and 7 foot tall spanish men with their faces painted somewhat changed the mystical performance.

I think 30+ pictures are enough for this post. I will save the firework ones for a later time.


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