muddy footsteps

bliss on a cone

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on August 5, 2010

So I´ve been introduced to many people, many things and places in all of Europe. There are some that I love that I plan on bringing back the memories and customs to the states.

One of the best things I´ve ever discovered here, in all of Europe, is this.

What? You were expecting something else? A monument, spanish boyfriend, a picture of me digging my mouth into a pork leg? Pshh, get real. Who do you think I am?

It´s not necessarily the mint ice cream on the bottom that makes this treat so wonderful. It´s the top layer. If it has been a long day or the sun has been baring down hard on my back, I would normally pair this treat with a lemon sorbé. So this top layer, you ask, well it´s Violeta. Yes, violet. So incredible. Cannes, the south of France, was the first to bring this delectable treat to my mouth.

Well coming from a family of chefs, cooks, and food artists you bet we will have the recipe down as soon as I come home. I´ve never tasted such a beautiful, simple creation. And no I didn´t walk 4 miles back to the ice cream store to buy another cone later that night.


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