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Fried banana pancakes.

Posted in Food & Recipes, Recommendations by nicolejanaye on July 30, 2010

So maybe breakfast wasn’t at 10 this morning, or noon, or 1. Only until our bellies began to ache and we had a least an hour or so of shut-eye, we decided to start grubbing down. You know it’s a good night out when you head home and stores are starting to open. Let’s just say today was very low-key.

Alex decided pancakes were in order. I wasn’t too sure on the idea because they seemed heavy and that was the last thing I was ready for. However, I was a guest at her place so I couldn’t argue against it.

Classic pancakes were too ordinary for a day like this. We needed something with a little spark. Bananas were in the fridge and I thought that would be a nice tough. My love for cinnamon rubbed off on her and we threw that in the mix as well. Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest known spices. Its massive amount of health benefits make it a great ingredient for any dish.

Surprisingly sunflower oil was stocked in the kitchen. That’s the first non-olive oil that I have seen in Spain so far. Sunflower oil is used very often in restaurants because of its extremely high cooking temperature. I poured the oil in the pan but mistakenly added too much. I figured not to waste the oil and just try frying them. Great idea Niki!

The pancakes were thin, but a bit thicker than crepes. I enjoy my pizza like I enjoy my pancakes, thin crust. These suckers were delicious. We finished them off with a good sprinkle of sugar and dug in!

I thought the day couldn’t get any better. We sunk into the couch, pancakes in hand, and feasted our eyes on an incredible movie. Now, one of my favorites; ‘The Perfume’. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. I’m already checking online to have the book sent to me ASAP.

This video makes the film look really scary, but don’t let that fool you. Many can inform you that I am one of the biggest wuss’s in the scary movie department. Even the funny movie, “Scary Movie” sends me to my sister’s room for the night. However, this film is incredible, intoxicating, and pairs magnificently with a side of fried banana pancakes.


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