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Farmers Market in Oliva, Spain

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on July 27, 2010

pronounced [OH-LEE-VA] most parts of Spain it’s pronounced [OH-LEE-BA]

I promised, so here it is..

Where have you been fresh food??? I’ve been on the quest for this glorious site and I finally found it. This market was huge; filled to the brim with things from candy, olives, fruit to veggies.

I never was a fan of green olives or ones that had a similar flavor. Once you fly into Spain, things change. Even the little kids stuff their faces with this green goodness. Now, I can’t stay away from them.

It’s very common for their to be churro cafes all over spain. You pair a freshly, golden churro with a cup of rich hot chocolate. The two were just made for each other. This Spaniard is frying up a fresh batch right there!

You know for some reason Spain somewhat reminds me of Greece. Maybe it’s the lifestyle, the people, I’m not too sure, but when I look at these pictures they bring me back to my time in Greece.

Most every time I go out with my camera, I always get some people avoiding pictures and then some asking to be in them. You tell me what this one was.

I love the set-up and the abundance of fresh vegetables/fruit that are displayed. The variety of color and texture makes them perfect for taking pictures. Very appealing to the eye. Maybe that’s how they bring in all the money.

Mom, I told you I would post about it later. So this is just a couple of products of gluten-free food they sold at the market. It doesn’t look too appealing but it does the trick. My mom was very curious of the situation of gluten-free in Europe. To be honest, I think it’s easier to eat at restaurants, shop at grocery stores and such for gluten-free products more than it is for vegan dishes. Europe is up to date with the latest food allergies. ‘Sin Gluten’ is found everywhere.


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  1. G-Ma Clown said, on July 27, 2010 at 7:29 am

    Nikkers!!! You write so beautifully. I hope you write a book about all your adventures. Love, G-Ma Clown

  2. Mom said, on July 27, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    You’re a good girl watching out for your mama!!!

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