muddy footsteps

Eres hermosa

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on July 26, 2010

You are beautiful..

The city, the lake at night.

Alex, my incredible german friend.

Ending the day with a casual trip to the park and sipping some sangria with our innocent looking cups 🙂 Everything at night is so beautiful. The weather is most comfortable when paired with a casual, light outfit and a cup in hand. We sat near the lake and talked. A group of people our age sat near us and I heard the Californian accent right away. They were a group of students from Yale on an internship here in Madrid. Their 6 week journey here is ending on Saturday. Alex and I will be joining them for a going away party ‘Frat style’ this week. Followed by going out the next night to one of the biggest clubs.

My posts have been of absence because of a mix between rich vacations and viruses swarming my computer. 4 days of fun at the beach, plenty of paella, and 93 euros later at the computer shop I have returned. Posts will continue about my present and future adventures. Hopefully the genius’ at the computer store can fix my external hard drive and recover ALL of my photos from back home and my entire trip to europe. Not too sure how I deleted those…

1am is plenty late for me on a work day. I have a rough day of crafts, playing in the pool with the kids, and making smoothies ahead of me. Need to catch up on my sleep.

Good night!



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