muddy footsteps


Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on July 7, 2010

When I first arrived here, my room was very bare and white. I dropped off my suitcases and went out with my dad and sister to explore the city.

After spending time at the Prado and meeting up with Cristina and Javier I came back to the house. Cristina said my room might look a little different.

They completely re-did it and went out shopping to add stuff to my room! It’s so adorable and cozy. I love that I have the window that opens up to the back of the house. I’m gonna head to the farmers market this week to get some flowers for my bed side table.

When I came back from my backpacking trip with my dad and sister I saw that they added the tv. This isn’t a small tv either. It’s brand new and the biggest one I’ve, personally, ever had.

(That’s my bathing suit, btw)

The bed is actually a bunk bed. The white piece above ‘my bed’ is another bed that can fold out. So if anyone wants to come and stay over, that’s where you will be sleeping.


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