muddy footsteps

Finally some color…

Posted in Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on July 6, 2010

…besides the hills in Scotland and my tan from the south of France!

It’s my first taste at vegetables across seas that were not fried or soaked in butter. Yea all the enzymes were cooked out of it by roasting it but they did taste good.

Cristina bought me a pouch of veggies containing the carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms and then I cut up an onion to add to the mix.  I pre-heated the oven to 100 something Celsius. I laid the veggies on a baking sheet on top of some foil. Dressed them with olive oil and cracked fresh pepper and sea salt on top. Then, I roughly mixed the veggies and condiments together with my hands.  Threw it all in the oven and let them roast. About 20 minutes of ‘canta juegos’ later I put them in a bowl and dug in! (I will post shortly about canta juegos.)

Hasta Luego!


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