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London Bridges

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on June 15, 2010

All the way over in London right now. Let me retrace my steps for you.

Last post I was in Scotland; home of the kilts and the haggis. It was absolutely beautiful there. We have been really lucky this whole trip with how the weather is going for us. It has only slightly rained in Madrid and a little bit in Scotland. Everywhere is so green. Castles are everywhere. You are surrounded. The style of clothing isn’t too much different in all of these places than it is back home. The only thing is they dress a little classier and everyone dresses nice. You hardly see people in California wearing suits, dresses, and heels on the every day basis.

After Scotland we drove through the highlands over to England. We drove past some of the places where they filmed Harry Potter. Sheep are everywhere. We stopped once so I can take some pictures of them but they ran away. I guess I should have assumed that before. Our first stop in England was York.

York is a beautiful, beautiful town. You can tell it would be so lovely to live there during the winter. The whole town is very cozy. Everywhere in the UK places shut down early. Well all the places we have been to so far. So each time we arrive to a new city, all the places are closed. We normally walk around the town, stop at a pub for a beer, go somewhere to get something to eat, stop at another pub and then head back to the hotel. In the morning is when the streets are alive and everywhere is surrounding the stores. I think York would be a great place for a romantic vacation with a couple.

Oh I almost forgot. The soup I got at dinner must have been yesterdays soup or something a little funky in it because I didn’t have too much of a pleasent night. After Yacking into the toilet bowl a couple times it was back to bed.

The next morning was breakfast and then walk around York. I stopped at a camera store and bought a new lense for my camera. My other one needs to be shipped in and I can’t travel Europe and not be able to take pictures. I already have hundreds of pictures on my external hard drive so when I get more of a chance I will upload them.

We got back into the car and headed to Bath. This town is just as lovely as York. It’s a little less grass and castles and more streets and city life. We took a tour of the roman baths and they were incredible. Bath does a great job of keeping them in good condition.

After the tour of the Roman bath’s we took a tour at the fashion museum. Incredible pieces of clothing from great designers. There was a spot in the museum to try on an outfit. You will see the pictures and video soon. I’ll leave it at that.

After that last tour it was near noon. We went back to our room to grab our backpacks and started walking to the train station. We were waiting at the station for about 20 minutes and then hopped on the train.

One hour later we landed in London. We have only walked to our room so far so we haven’t seen much of the city yet. We have 4 days here so I’m sure we will be able to explore tons of London. The place we are staying at has a computer downstairs so I will try and update at the end of each day.


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  1. Mom said, on July 2, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Looking at all your pictures again. What a great job! I especially LOVE the one of you and Dani together. Soooooo cute!

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