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Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on May 3, 2010

Just yesterday I sat down with a friend to watch a movie. I haven’t done that in a long time.

I’ve been on this bit of a journey for inspiration. My days consume me with work and a little bit of school; all the meanwhile I’m reading. I feel as if I’ve sank into a mud puddle (now I have muddy footsteps; haha. I had to). I feel like something is missing and I’m trying to desperately to search for it.

I think I’ve taken so much time for myself to be alone and think. I think I need to start talking to people. Going out to lunch and hearing their opinions. I need feedback. Inspiration.

Reading and soloing is good. It’s great, actually. But right now I need more.

I think traveling and experiencing a new way of living can inspire someone so much. My life is drastically going to change in a month. I want to prepare myself for this next step. Stepping outside your box and seeing what else is out there gives so much to work off of. I’ve been reading and reading and reading. Writers mainly write but a huge part is also reading. You read other people’s work to see something else; to see another perspective.

I’m going to push myself to change my perspective; to constantly try to see another way about something.

Love Happens was the movie I watched the other night. I would have to say that it’s not what I expected. It was a good movie but ‘love happens’ wouldn’t be the title I would give for it. Jennifer Aniston plays a florist who unexpectidely runs into a self-help author. He is a widow that helps people with their lives and overcoming deaths and failures, when in reality he needs the most help. Aniston is stuck in a rut of dating the same type of men that are taking her nowhere and leading her to unhappiness. Aniston has this little habit of writing funny words behind paintings, quirky pieces where curiosity comes out on top.

I loved this idea of hiding behind a work of art another work of art. In my latest photography class, I saw behind a matted photo details and inscriptions from the photographer. There is the photo but the photographer puts a matte and frame on top to be hung in a gallery or studio. Most people never take the matte off or realize what’s underneath. It’s fun and gives you a look deeper into their minds. I found a neat website that provides you with a ‘word of the day’. Todays…

Word of the Day


  • (noun) The state of being too much; redundancy; excess.


  • “Some are thrilling in their audacity — they are prophetic, magical, sublime, we futilely say: if we tire of them or are not in the mood to appreciate their excesses, we say that they are pretentious, as Coleridge spoke of “a nimiety, too-muchness.””
  • “Had Chenille, who had stabbed Orpine in a nimiety of terror, loved something beyond herself?”

I thought it was kind of fun and gives you the opportunity to add a creative blend of new words into your vocabulary. I think I’m going to start throwing in some new words into my posts. Feel free to take them and use them. Make a conversation a little more exciting, add some character to an essay you are struggling with, or post them as your status on facebook

As I re-read this post and look to edit it I’ve realized it portrays a nimiety quality. Funny thing is, I would have deleted, moved around, or changed the post and layout but I figured it fit. If the word of the day is ‘nimiety’ then I must stick with it. Sorry for the jumble of a post and scattering your brain around.



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  1. Jen said, on May 3, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    What an inspiring blog. I’m so excited for you, you have big things coming your way! Your personality is too dynamic to not share with the world. The people you will meet along your travels are so lucky.. and they don’t even know it yet! 😉

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