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Posted in Health/Nutrition by nicolejanaye on May 1, 2010

To be or not to be..

Sugar free, that is.

There are more diets nowadays than ever before. Some believe eating nothing but cookies will disappear those love handles, or low carb/high protein is the way to be. Either way, less sugar&fat have always been promoted. So the genius scientists created sweeteners that contain absolutely no sugar. Nifty idea, ehh?

What some people fail to realize is the ingredients that make this sweetener. It’s not chefs or cooks that think of this great sugar-free product, it’s scientists.

Hmm that must lead you to believe, what is in sugar-free products?

Chemicals is the blunt explanation. But let me further investigate this topic for you.

We’ve read that sugar is bad for you and if you consume it and don’t exercise after, it will turn into fat.

So the only solution to this must be sugar-free. Obviously not exercising isn’t plausible.


If you pick up a box of sugar-free cookies or your favorite energy drink, check out the ingredients. Do you recognize any of them? Would you buy them individually in a store?

Saccharin and Cyclamate must be on your grocery shopping list. If you wouldn’t buy these ingredients in the grocery store, then why are you consuming them? I can’t deny the fact that I was once a sugar-free consumer. It makes sense to have something to eat or drink that has all the flavor but 0 sugar. Why wouldn’t you do that? But until you further investigate these chemicals, you see the ugly side to the story.

Sugar is a natural substance. Farmers grow it. It’s not concocted in a laboratory or in test tubes. It’s natural and it’s okay to consume in moderation.

Sugar free food and drinks might sound like the better option in the short-term. They might even help you lose weight but deep down they are tearing up your insides. Chemicals have warning labels on them and they are poisons to the body.

Interesting/funny story for you: I was working one day and making a womans drink. She was a regular and comes in everyday. She was a bit of a heavy-set woman who I know doesn’t eat healthy and work out regularly, if at all. She orders a black tea with 6 splendas. One day I offered an idea of putting raw sugar in the drink. Her response was “if this makes me fat then I’m going to blame it on you.”

Umm. I didn’t know how to respond. “If this makes me fat, I’m going to blame it on you.”

Maybe the bacon cheeseburgers and not exercising ever could have influenced it. Surprising she took the substitute happily. I’m glad she gave it a shot and was willing to try something new. Unfortunately, she went back to her old ways.  I wasn’t there to change her completely but to offer a different approach.

So to all those skinny vanilla latte abusers, try adding the real thing back to your drink. Get non-fat milk if you wish, but use the real sugar. You might miss the chemical taste of sugar-free, but I’m sure you will enjoy it better.


Raw honey, stevia, Licorice root, agave nectar…

Point of my post:

Eat the real thing, exercise regularly. Don’t consume foods that have chemicals that you don’t recognize. Or not consuming any chemicals might be the best bet.


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