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Eyes of the blind

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on April 29, 2010

Why are we flooding the news with nonsense about celebrities? Why is it that we are rotting our minds with expensive junk? There is more to life than this.

There are children around the world that cry for our attention.

We consume energy, time and money by watching reality television shows to entertain us. These shows are taking over the network. When does reality come into play and start showing the world where the attention needs to be?

Many of you recognize the organization invisible children; heck you might be involved. A group of 3 San Diegans took a trip to Africa that changed their lives. 6 years ago invisible children made their mark. They are doing everything they can to help the children of Uganda who are invisible to the eyes of the rebels and their county. They are abducted at a young age and forced to fight and kill for the lords resistance army (LRA).

Invisible children has been working hard to help fight for their peace. Providing education for the children is one of the best things we can do. Tonight I had the opportunity to hear from two former LRA soldiers. 90% of the LRA are abducted children. Its undeniable the pain and suffering that they have gone through.

Besides helping to spread awareness to the nation about these children and families, you can also help donate. I know that people tend to stir up judgement when you hear about donating. Some people feel it’s a begging for money with a persuading title. But what you don’t understand is that kids in countries like Uganda cannot go to school because they don’t have the $5 dollars to support them. $5 dollars! That’s almost as much as your venti soy latte you buy every day. We take so much for granted with our education. These kids are begging to go to school. By ‘donating’ money you are not only providing education for children of Uganda but giving them hope.

We are naïve to think we live rough lives. Imagine what they go through. Take a step and donate. Educate yourself on these invisible children. Help provide hope for this country and give back life to those suffering.


Leave a comment about anything in regards to this topic. I would love to hear if you are involved with the group, went online to research it, watched some videos, donated money, went to an Invisible Children event, anything.


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