muddy footsteps


Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on April 28, 2010

The visual quality of this image isn’t what I like so much about it; it’s the story behind it. I feel if I ever had a gallery I would have to have a title and description behind my images. I think the photos are good, but to understand the reason behind it makes them great.

Prior to my San Francisco trip I still had an unsure feeling about doing street photography. To get real life images you need to get in the faces of people and not be afraid to dig deep.

This photo is one of the first sets that I took on the trip. I held my camera up and walked towards this family as they strolled closer to me. The mom is to the side of the kids looking me in the face. I was ready to hear something coming from her about not taking pictures of her kids.

“Look at this girl taking pictures of you guys!”

Here it comes. She was about to call me out.

“…and you guys have ice cream all over your faces! How will she get a good picture!”

Haha priceless! I never would have expected that response. From then on out my lens was almost down the throats of each passerby.

Don’t be afraid to get in their faces.

Alright so maybe I took this too much to heart and a couple of people yelled at me :/ But it was so worth it!


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