muddy footsteps

Kaely Yuchno

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on March 19, 2010

She’s an eccentric chic with a soultry voice and a side of jazz. Kaely has always surrounded her self with music,  swearing she was born out of the womb singing. She played her moms’ cd’s and there sparked a stronger interest with music. Kaely would write the lyrics and try to perfect her singing. Her mom noticed her talent and put her in lessons at the age of 10. As she continuted taking lessons, her teachers put her in more and more competitions. At age 15, Kaely met a friend and introduced her to the next stage of her life, punk rock. She joined a punk rock n’ roll band and got a bass for her next  birthday. There she began to learn how to play different instruments. Her mom had a neglected guitar that she decided to fix up and start working on. At home and with friends she played punk rock but during her lessons she was focusing on classical music. She balanced the two out, but being distracted as a teen, Kaely felt that classical music was too structured for her at that time. To find a happy medium, Kaely and her teachers decided to try the jazz route. This was it. They both knew that this was the stye that fit her the best.

Find her @!/pages/Nemma/405140905438





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