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Salads on the run

Posted in Food & Recipes by nicolejanaye on February 17, 2010

Salads are the main meal of my day. I like to get fresh, healthy, local ingredients. I do my own sprouting and get the rest of the ingredients from the farmers market. I make a simple dressing with agave and a blend between lime and lemon juice. A great salad dressing is to combine a plant fat with a sugar. EXAMPLE: 1/2 avocado w/ 1 orange.

I’m learning new things everyday about nutrition/food/health. Raw broccoli is hard for the body to digest. It’s best to steam the broccoli first. Also, green peppers should not be consumed. They are actually not fully ripe and again hard for the body to digest.

I absolutely love to add basil to my salads. I think it freshens up the meal and turns a boring salad into something more vibrant. Raw onion is also a favorite of mine to add. I don’t load the salad with it because it would kill my taste buds and ruin the rest of the flavors in the meal but I like to balance out all the flavors with the sharp, sweet flavor of the onion.


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