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Kaia Foods!

Posted in Product Review by nicolejanaye on February 4, 2010

So there are a ton of new products that have recently came out that are great tasting and awesome for your body. Nick from Kaia Foods was amazing enough to send me a package of some of his latest products.

I got to sample a ton of the stuff and am very pleased with what he created. All of the food is organic and raw! I was provided with 4 flavors of sprouted sunflower seeds; Garlic & Sea Salt, Cocoa Mole, Teriyaki, and Sweet Curry.

These were awesome. I ate them by themselves but really enjoyed them topped over salads. Garlic & Sea Salt, Teriyaki, and Sweet Curry added an exotic flavor to the salads. I snacked on the cocoa mole seeds a lot.

I recommend these not only because they taste great but because they also are great for you. You might not know, but all seeds should be soaked in water for a couple hours prior to eating. Sprouting the seeds gives life to the food! It makes them abundant in enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

I think my favorite product that I sampled was the granola.

Cocoa bliss raw granola was packed with great flavors. The mixture of the ingredients gave the granola a chewy and crunchy texture. It’s high in fiber, raw and vegan. I tried it by itself and with a bit of almond milk. I enjoyed each. They come in convenient sized pouches which made it easily portable. This is a great on the go snack. This was my favorite product from kaia foods!

Ingredients: buckwheat*, agave nectar*, raisins*, dried coconut*, cacao powder*, ground flax seed*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, walnuts*, natural vanilla extract, spices, and mineral salt. (*organic)

To top off his generosity, Nick also sent me 4 flavors of his whole, organic fruit leathers. I tried Goji Orange, Lime Ginger, Spiced Apple, and Vanilla Pear. They were perfect size for a small snack. You can taste the wholesome ingredients in the leathers. Most processed fruit leathers you cannot taste the true ingredients because they are packed with unnatural sugars and chemicals. These fruit leathers are all whole ingredients. Vanilla Pear and Spiced Apple were my favorites!

If you have any questions about Kaia Foods or want to buy some of the products check out


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  1. Eloisa said, on February 8, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    So… you can’t buy this in a store?

  2. Eloisa said, on February 8, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Disregard and delete last comment! Went to their website and going to lazy acres tomorrow!

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