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Day in the life

Posted in Uncategorized by nicolejanaye on January 13, 2010

Quick post on what went down today.

I went to the grocery store to get some mangos, bananas, and coconuts. I can’t get over the mango sale they are having! I stocked up for sure. Most likely they are going to go fast because I eat them fresh, in smoothies, dried.

Receipt for proof that they were so cheap!

I came back and peeled a mango and munched on that for a while. Whipped up a green smoothie. Worked on the blog for a little while and then got ready for some outdoor errands. Opened up an avocado and sprinkled it with a little salt before I left.

So errands were somewhat post-poned. Honestly I wasn’t in the mood to do them but I wanted to get out of the house. I headed over to Starbucks to relax for a while.  I grabbed a KIND bar (Almonds & Cashew) and a NAKED Green Machine Smoothie (10 oz). I love the KIND bars! They are gluten free, and use all whole ingredients. Not all are vegan but most of them are. Even though I like the flavor of the NAKED Green Machine Smoothie, I don’t care for the texture too much. To take care of that problem I had Starbucks blend it up with a grande scoop of ice. The finish product was 20 oz of Green Machine Smoothie! You are getting double what you paid for and it goes down a little kinder.

Now back to business and i’m going to do some laundry!


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  1. Jen said, on January 14, 2010 at 12:41 am

    That looks like Binzley in that illustration. 🙂 I enjoy hearing what you eat. I really need to make better decisions but I get too lazy! This helps me stay motivated! 🙂

    • muddyfootsteps said, on January 14, 2010 at 12:48 am

      Haha it totally does look like him!
      Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy with all these fast, cheap meals being advertised. As long as your trying and it’s in moderation that works!

  2. Martin De Luna Jr. said, on January 14, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Put some clothes on damnit!

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